Zez Vaz: Director, Animator, Creative, +more


Animation Showreel 2023

Hi, I'm Zez. I'm a freelance 2D Animator working remotely for over 10 years. I am a certified Fiverr Pro. You can hire me through the platform Fiverr.com or contact me by email hereI mainly work on Adobe After Effects.

I manage a small team of creatives at my studio Toma Creators. We make full production for Animated Explainers and Music Videos.

Toma is here

Check out ‘Walter Precipitous’ Short Film - Our latest project and a marvellous story about the water cycle.

Walter Precipitous - Short film

Walter Precipitous - Behind The Scenes

Website: walterteacheskids.com
My role: Co-Director, Character Designer, Animator

‘Walter Precipitous’ is a marvellous story written by Toblerusse who approached Toma Creators to produce an animation with his beautiful poem about a water molecule named Walter Precipitous and his friend Crystal, the snowflake. It’s about friendship and courage but also about science.

The team includes Fiorella (Narration), Mariana Vaz (Co-director, Illustration) and André Cardoso (Music, Sound Design). The software used to animate the characters was Reallusion’s Cartoon Animator 4, along with After Effects.

We’re developing the Walter Teaches Kids brand and trying to get the video to as many teachers and classrooms as possible. We will be adding products to our Teachers pay Teachers store.

This is an ongoing project and any feedback is very much welcomed. Please feel free to connect here.

Timeline of Projects

There's these different things I like doing, like drummingcartooningpodcasting, +more.

Follow me on instagram, linkedin and if you’d like to have me as a guest on your podcast, feel free to contact me by email.

Here is a timeline of my endeavours:


What’s On Your Feed? - YouTube Show

Website: What's On Your Feed? YouTube Channel
My role: Creator, Co-host, Editor, Motion Designer

‘What’s On Your Feed?’ is a video podcast where guests share their favourite YouTube channels and creators.

The show is a collaborative effort with my friends and co-workers Mariana Vaz (Co-host, Graphic Design) and André Cardoso (Music, Sound Design).

I started this podcast in a year full of lockdowns and a stagnant YouTube feed constantly showing more of the same. YouTube is huge and there’s an enormous amount of quality creators on the platform. You just need someone to tell you about them.

Through this podcast I had the chance to meet incredible people from different countries and backgrounds and learned about many niches that turned into genuine interest.

My computer screen was suddenly a window to the world.

We completed one season with 30 episodes. I invite you to take a look. It’s too interesting not to.


Dumbowax - Music

Website: YouTube | Spotify
My role: Drummer, Music Video Director

Dumbowax was a punk duo by Pedro Pezinho (bass, vocals) and me as a drummer. We recorded ‘No Safeword’ EP with Sound Producer André Cardoso, and played some shows in and around Porto, Portugal including opening the SonicBlast Music Festival 2019. Further shows couldn’t be done due to a world pandemic. Pezinho and I now live in different countries and did not carry on with the band.

We produced two Music Videos with our friend and filmmaker Cat David, which we’re very proud of. The first one was for the song ‘Faster’ and has fast cuts and a DIY punk rock vibe. The second one was for the song ‘BATS!’ and it was a blast to create from conception to post-production. Watch the band being attacked by nervous bats!


Lelo e Zezinha - Portuguese Animated TV Series

Website: Lelo e Zezinha
My role: Creator, Producer, Writer, Director, Illustrator, Animator

Lelo e Zezinha started as a webcomic and monthly comic strip on a local newspaper and ended up as a full production of an Animated TV Series that aired on Portuguese channel Canal Q. The characters Lelo and Zezinha are inspired in my own grandparents. They love the cartoons and we were invited on Portuguese TV morning shows, which was fun.


ZEZ - Mobile Game

My role:Artwork Director, Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer

ZEZ was an action/puzzle mobile game designed and produced by Pedro Ribeiro and it featured a cat fighting robots. The entertaining, fast-paced game made many fans, gathering 200.000 downloads on the AppStore and Play Store combined. We were invited to ComicCon Portugal and had a nice review on Kotaku. The game isn’t available anymore, just the memory of who had a good time playing it.