Lelo e Zezinha

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Portuguese animated TV show

Lelo e Zezinha follows a couple of grandparents in their hometown of S. Mamede em Festa. Together they spend their retirement exploring their city, technology and pop culture

Created, Illustrated, Animated and Produced by Zez Vaz

Thanx to my grandparents Aurélio and Maria José (AKA Lelo e Zezinha), Frederico Monteiro, Kristina Zhuykova, João Houy, João Vaz, Ricardo Caldas, Mariana Vaz, Wandson Lisboa, Mike Brito, and all the friends and family who helped and/or inspired the show
Lelo e Zezinha aired on Portuguese television channel Canal Q in 2016


Season 1 (2016)

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

"Download ilegal"

Episode 4

"Cala-te e cala-te!"

Episode 5

"Café antigo"

Episode 6

"Bar novo"


Comics (2014-2015)